The High Council

Chief Adept Phillip R. Houtz, IX°
Past Chief Adept Wesley D. Thornton, IX°


Celebrant Charles H. Cameron, VIII°
Suffragan Christopher A. Larsen, VII°
Treasurer Wesley D. Thornton, IX°
Secretary Bruce A. Baily, VIII°
Primus Ancient Stephen A. Balke, VII°
Secundus Ancient James D. Combs, VII°
Tertius Ancient Adam L. Hathaway, VII°
Quartus Ancient Scott G. Jaquith, VII°
Conductor of Novices Erick VanEckhoutte, VII°
First Herald Jason Hall, IV°
Second Herald James Overfelt, VII°
Torch Bearer Joel McIntosh, VII°
Guardian of the Caverns Eric N. Moses, IV°
Medalist John Wells, VII° (Deceased)
Acolyte Justin Miller, IV°
Librarian Wade D. Villanueva, VIII°
Prelate Harry W. Jenkins II, VII°